Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Next Challenge

It was an incredible year last say the least.  

I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take things once Forty 4 Change was officially over....should I keep the blog going?....should I continue to party style and use that passion for charitable events?.....should I continue to volunteer?.....should I consider the opportunities coming at me from various organizations?

I think I have come up with some answers.....YES! all of them it seems.

So I am going to continue to write and blog about the fun events, the party styling, the charitable organizations I support and even about the campaign I am now Campaign Manager for mayoral candidate Fred Connors {local success story and entrepeneur with passion}.  If there is one thing I learned about myself last year, its that I am unwaveringly dedicated to making Halifax the community we deserve it to be.  And I know for sure that Fred is the person to get us there.  So, I embark on this challenge with very few answers, tons of questions, and lots of willingness to figure it all out!

You don't have to be interested in politics to take an interest in the city you live in.
Feel free to follow our campaign progress.

Fred Connors for Hrm

Its not all about campaigning....
Stay tuned for some Valentine's Day inspiration.  We have been busy cooking up some fun treats and ideas for that special day of love. xoxo

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  1. Congrats on deciding to continue the blog, and thank you for everything you've done to give back to Halifax! You've inspired me to start thinking about how I can make my 40th year a big one two...I have two years to plan, and I've already got a few ideas in mind!

    By the way, tag, you’re it! I’ve tagged you in the following post and would love to read your answers: